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Tanshuman Das is a Progressive rock/metal bassist and composer based in Delhi NCR, India, with over 17 years of experience as a musician.

Inspired by bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Haken, Rush, Yes and Tool, Tanshuman’s musical objectives have often been influenced by cinematic storytelling, long concepts, and deep lyrics from progressive rock/metal bands.

His upcoming album ‘Progress Report’ (due in March 2024) consists of 10 progressive metal/rock songs that Tanshuman has written and composed for over 10 years. The album has been recorded to feel like a journey of cinematic proportion with a concert-like grandiosity, with over 70 minutes of progressive songs.

In today’s age of reduced attention span, Tanshuman continues to create concepts and progressive songs, as he believes that true storytelling can never fade out.

Short and quick stimulating content has been dominating the media consumer, but Tanshuman believes the experience of being able to relate to a ‘longer’ story concept is much more rewarding, and will thrive in times to come.

Tanshuman has collaborated with various artists, including with ex-Dream Theater keyboardist Derek Sherinian in his 2023 single ‘Reflections’, which is part of the album.

His other singles released are ‘Fearless Leader’, ‘Sagittarius A Star’ and ‘Subject to Interpretation’. Tanshuman has also composed and written songs for his erstwhile and current bands, including a death metal song ‘Curled in Fetal Position’ and a djent metal song ‘IED’ with modern metal act Spectense, and a pop rock song ‘A thousand splendid suns’ with rock outfit Collision Theory.

This song ‘A thousand splendid suns’ came second in the India Film Project 50 hour music challenge in 2020 in the rock song category, being the only English language song selected in the top 5.

Tanshuman is the bassist of a Tool tribute band, Time Throttle, and has toured across India with a 180+ minute Tool Tribute setlist. He posts frequently on his Instagram:


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