Hridoy Goswami – a tale to tell

Hridoy Goswami - a tale to tell

Hridoy was the front man for a few of the most well known bands from the North East, India during the 90s like, Dorian Platonic (Winner of Mood Indigo rock festival, IIT Mumbai 1993), Month’s Mind (Winner of Mood Indigo rock festival, IIT Mumbai 1994), Chakra, Chocolates And Cigarettes and more.

Life has really been busy

Presently, Hridoy is the Front man for the popular Power Blues band – Spreading Roots. With Spreading Roots, Hridoy has played in various shows since 2012.

Opened for international act MLTR in 2015 as well as headlined in some of the major events like: Metropolis 2012 and 2015(Guwahati), Karbi Youth Fest 2015(Diphu), King Fisher beer fest 2013(Ghy), Statehood day(Itanagar 2015), Shine a light fest, (Sohra, Meghalaya, 2014 and 2015), North East Rock connect(Shillong), Poi Pee Mau Tai festival, Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh 2018 and Jorhat Engineering College 2018 Udalguri Winter Carnival 2023 and many more.

As a music producer

Hridoy is also renowned as a music producer and made music for many musicians and film makers. Have done a song ‘I Was’ for a Mumbai based film makers, Sanjib Dey, for his feature film – III Smoking Barrels.

Also worked as a music director in many regional films, feature films and short films. Hailing from a country like India and a city, Guwahati, Assam, where the Music is so diverse, his roots are deeply engraved in the Music of the 60’s & the 70’s. To name a few : Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Paul Rogers, Ronnie James Dio, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Steely Dance, J.J.Cale, Santana, Allman Brother’s Band and many many more.


Being born in July Hridoy is a casp between Cancer and Leo. Loves traveling, making friends and specially enjoys the company of musicians. With an attitude. “I don’t wanna change the world; and I don’t want the world to change me”, he is a nature living person who loves the moon and the sun more than the city lights.

Favorite time pass

Sitting ideally…doing nothing and occasionally listening to audio books and computer gaming. Loves the work of all kind of artists.

Being born in the 70s, Hridoy was both overwhelmed and lost initially, getting into the age of the internet. But eventually got used to it and is pretty comfortable with it now. He is a seeker, loves animals and learning new skills. He is also a student of spirituality and yogic science.

Ain’t got nothing if it ain’t got no Soul

It all started as a school kid, listening to the vinyls at my cousins place. Music always had appealed me since childhood.. Singing along with the music played on the records. Eventually ended up learning how to sing in music and play the guitar a bit 😉Joined a band, and started to Rock and life is good 🤘

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