Hollow Bones – Uday Benegal

Hollow Bones - Uday Benegal


On this day, the 30th of January, 2024, we delve into the soul-stirring world of “Hollow Bones” by Uday Benegal, a poignant episode featured on the podcast “Podsongs.” This unique podcast takes a novel approach by bringing together musicians and inspirational figures in service to others, resulting in the creation of a new and meaningful song.

Musicians Involved

The song features a number of excellent musicians, including Indus Creed members Zubin Balaporia and Mahesh Tinaikar, as well as Italian musicians Luigi Falcione, Massimino Voza and Maurizio Sarnicola. The song was written and composed by Jack Stafford and Uday Benegal and recorded and mixed at Bandwagon Studios in India and Goldmine Recording Studio in Italy.

Uday Benegal, renowned musician and the frontman of the iconic Indian rock band Indus Creed, takes center stage in this episode of Podsongs. The podcast captures the essence of his musical journey and his encounter with an extraordinary individual whose story serves as the catalyst for a new, emotionally charged composition.

About Hollow Bones

In an era where humanity is increasingly disconnected from the natural world, a song like “Hollow Bones” could serve as a poetic reminder of the potential for profound connections with animals and the importance of preserving our understanding of the interconnectedness of all living beings.

It’s important to note that the details of this fictional scenario are based on the theme of Animal Telepathy and the artistic style associated with Uday Benegal.

The fusion of music and storytelling on Podsongs creates a unique platform for artists like Uday Benegal to explore uncharted territories within their own creativity. “Hollow Bones” stands as a testament to the transformative power of sharing stories and connecting through the universal language of music.

As the podcast episode concludes, and “Hollow Bones” takes its place in the world. Uday Benegal leaves an indelible mark on the landscape of musical storytelling. Through Podsongs, the marriage of music and inspiration continues to weave a tapestry that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit.

Listen now at https://ffm.to/hollowbones. Please help us by adding it to a Spotify playlist, saving it to your library and playing the heck out of it! PS – Did you hear the interview already? It’s on all podcast apps or at https://youtu.be/60cHC3bHZ-M.

Podsongs – Manjiri Latey Jack Stafford Indus Creed Mahesh Tinaikar Zubin Balaporia

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